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Police ask court to ban protest at Cardinal's Sydney funeral

Australian police plan to ask a judge to ban gay rights protesters from demonstrating outside the funeral of Cardinal George Pell in Sydney on Feb. 2 due to public safety concerns.

In Congo, Pope Francis demands world leaders 'stop choking Africa'

Kicking off a trip to two African nations Jan. 31, the pope warned world leaders and warring ethnic groups to stop exploiting Africa's vast natural resources and depriving its people of a "future of peace and prosperity."

What makes for a reverent Mass? You might be surprised.

Rebecca Bratten Weiss prefers Gothic architecture and older styles of European music, but that doesn't mean that her preferences are the only ways to be reverent at Mass.

The Eucharist is about more than the real presence

The Eucharist is not to make Jesus present so we can worship him, says Jesuit Fr. Thomas Reese. If you want to adore Christ in the Eucharist, go to Benediction, not to Mass.

Francis, the comic strip

Francis, the comic strip: Brother Leo sends Francis off on another peacemaking pilgrimage.

Congo is being 'martyred' for its natural resources. Will Pope Francis challenge the US, China?

Catholic environmental experts and advocates hope Pope Francis' visit to the Congo draws attention to how competition for the country's minerals harms the environment and the people.

Touched by God

Pencil Preaching for Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Catholics cannot be 'innocent bystanders' to racism, social ministry gathering told

Wanting peace by working for justice "is a hard road to walk, my brothers and sisters," Sr. Patricia Chappell told attendees at the 2023 Catholic Social Ministry Gathering in Washington in the opening plenary session Jan. 28.

Synod focus is listening to Spirit, not debating hot topics, cardinals say

The principal task of the continental assemblies and the assemblies of the Synod of Bishops in 2023 and 2024 is to learn and strengthen a process of listening as a church to the Holy Spirit and not to address all the issues being debated in the church, top officers of the synod said.

Church called to address stigma associated with mental illness, advocates say

The church is called to address taboos associated with mental illness both within society and within its own ranks, advocates at the Catholic Social Ministry Gathering said on Jan. 28.