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Editor says renewal of Vatican agreement with China is on the horizon

As the October deadline approaches for the extension of the Vatican's agreement with the Chinese government, the newly appointed editor of the news agency of the Dicastery for Evangelization said the deal has been instrumental in allowing Catholics to practice their faith openly and in communion with the church.

Pope challenges consultancy network to use its power to remedy crises

Financial consultants, managers and experienced professionals can help remedy today's economic, environmental and social crises, and help create a more humane, just and fraternal world, Pope Francis said.

Russian priest says Catholics, including clerics, fear conscription

A senior Russian priest dismissed President Vladimir Putin's threats of nuclear war as "just words," but said many young Catholics now fear being forcibly conscripted with their priests to join the war against Ukraine.

Honor Aquinas, don't instrumentalize him, pope says

When reflecting on and teaching about St. Thomas Aquinas or any of the great theologians or philosophers, there is a danger of using the master to promote one's own thought, Pope Francis said.

Italian LGBT advocates meet Pope Francis, discuss church 'that excludes no one'

Pope Francis on Sept. 21 met Italian LGBT Catholic advocates who say the pontiff encouraged their efforts to build a church "that excludes no one."

Making money must serve spiritual mission, pope tells Norbertines

A religious community must make sure its economic activity serves its mission, fulfills its charism and never becomes an end in itself, Pope Francis told members of the Norbertine order.

San Juan archbishop struggles with slow communications following Fiona

Archbishop Roberto González Nieves said he expected Catholic schools in the most affected areas to be closed for weeks and expressed concern for the hurricane's impact on the southern and western parts of the island.

Links: Hispanic voters; book banning; censorship on the left

In The New York Times, David Leonhardt looks at some of the reasons that Hispanic voters are less and less likely to vote Democratic than they were just six years ago.

Church's anti-LGBTQ policies drive people away — and the policies are sinful, too

On a pragmatic level, the church should be concerned about how discrimination against LGBTQ folks has young people walking away, but such discrimination is also inherently sinful, argues Franciscan Fr. Daniel Horan.

California legalizes human composting bill against opposition by Catholic bishops

The process of converting bodies into soil is now legal in California after Gov. Gavin Newsom on Sept. 18 signed a bill that will allow human composting in the Golden State.