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Regina King stands out in uneven biopic about political trailblazer Shirley Chisholm

"Shirley" could have been better, muses critic Chris Byrd, but it is doubtful that Regina King could be.

Fourth Sunday of Easter: No longer I, but Christ in me

Scripture for Life: Today's readings invite us to stand alongside Peter and search our hearts until we can explain why it is that we do what we do and what kind of power we are exercising. 

New book takes readers 'On Retreat With Pope Francis'

Book review: In First Belong to God: On Retreat With Pope Francis, Austen Ivereigh offers a retreat based on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius and delivering a compelling summary of Pope Francis' theology.

Animal cruelty officer-turned-animal chaplain Matty Giuliano loves ferrets and St. Francis

'I know there are plenty of people out there who believe animals have no souls,’ said Giuliano. ‘And I cannot accept one of God’s creation is, spiritually, the equivalent of a cup of ice cream.'

A better world can't be built 'lying on the couch,' pope tells children

Peace can spread and grow from "small seeds" like including someone who is left out of an activity, showing concern for someone who is struggling, picking up some litter and praying for God's help, Pope Francis told Italian schoolchildren.

Feminist theologian Susan Ross honored by Loyola University Chicago

Feminist theologian Susan Ross was honored with Loyola University Chicago's Living Tradition Award, which recognizes an emeritus faculty member who exemplifies the integration of Catholic thought into their work.

'Righting the American Dream' spotlights lingering damage of Reagan presidency

Righting the American Dream: How the Media Mainstreamed Reagan's Evangelical Vision by Diane Winston is a measured and meticulously detailed account of the Reagan era and its significance for today.

Growth and decline in the US Catholic Church

Catholicism is still the largest denomination in the country, but the ethnic and geographic distribution of the Catholic population has changed.

Your letters: Women in the church, Bishop Gumbleton, and elections

Letters to the editor: NCR readers reply to articles on women's ordination, Bishop Thomas J. Gumbleton, and the role of bishops in U.S elections

A world of plastic: A Chicago pastor's Earth Day message

Undoubtedly the widespread use of plastic has made life easier and made many products less expensive and therefore within the reach of more people. The problem is that plastic is not good for our planet.