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Unexpected climate question in debate spurs unsurprising responses

Climate change made a surprise appearance at the presidential debate on Tuesday night, for the first time since 2008, though it was not on the list of questions initially planned by moderator Chris Wallace.

Acquitted Cardinal Pell back in Rome amid Vatican scandal

Cardinal George Pell, the former Vatican finance czar who left in 2017 to face child sexual abuse charges in his native Australia, returned to Rome on Sept. 30 after his acquittal to find a Vatican mired in a corruption scandal. 

Post-pandemic world must not return to selfish 'normality,' pope says

In the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic, the world must aspire to be better and not return to its previous "sickened" normality of injustice, inequality and environmental degradation, Pope Francis said.

Biden breaks through in 'mud wrestling' debate with Trump

Distinctly Catholic: Debate No. 1 goes to former Vice President Joe Biden, as even moderator Chris Wallace was exasperated by President Donald Trump's constant interruptions.

Pompeo tells top Vatican diplomats to be 'bold' on China

Speaking to an audience Sept. 30, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made several thinly veiled critiques of Pope Francis' strategy of engagement with the Chinese government.

Answering letter from Black Brazilian clergy, pope sends anti-racist message

Pope Francis' response to a letter about racism in the church, sent to him by a group of Brazilian priests and bishops, has been received with hope by Black Catholic activists across the country.

Backlash in St. Louis Archdiocese after social justice leader suspended

A decision by the St. Louis Archdiocese's newly installed archbishop to suspend a webinar series on immigration and place one of its organizers on leave has led to backlash from area Catholics who allege he has capitulated to a campaign from fringe right-wing groups.

Systemic impunity for police parallels clerical protection of abusers

Faith Seeking Understanding: Like priests who benefit from a large and powerful institution, police are protected by a system that treats them as a category unto themselves, shielded from criminal liability.

Enfocando la Creación: Sembrar manglares en la estela de un tsunami

Podemos sanar la Tierra, y cuando lo hagamos, tendremos vida, y la tendremos en abundancia.

Lens on Creation: Planting mangroves in a tsunami's wake

We can heal the Earth. And when we do, we can have life, and have it more abundantly.