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Papal, ecumenical diplomacy appears unable to affect Russia's war in Ukraine

The deep acrimonies surrounding the conflict in Ukraine have raised questions about interfaith ties with the Vatican and in the World Council of Churches, as well as about the realistic chances of religious mediation.

This July Fourth, let's celebrate our dependence on one another

Our independence succeeds only to the extent it is balanced by societal interdependence, by bonds that might restrain our independence and freedom but that do so in pursuit of the common good, by mutual dependence.

First Outreach conference on LGBTQ Catholic ministry reminded 'all are welcome'

Over 200 people gathered at Fordham University for the first Outreach conference focused on LGBTQ Catholic ministry. LGBTQ Catholics, parents and allies were able to gather, make community and feel welcome in a safe church space.

What has the demise of Roe v. Wade cost the Catholic Church?

Thomas Reese: Now that the bishops and other anti-abortion Catholics have won their fight against Roe, will they embrace a more consistent ethic of life? Will they live up to the extensive social justice agenda they espouse on paper?

Your thoughts on serving both God and guns

Your thoughts: NCR readers respond to recent columns about America's tendency to idolize guns and where that fits into our alleged love for God.

Supreme Court allows Biden to end Trump-era policy on asylum-seekers

Catholic leaders praised the Supreme Court's June 30 decision that gave the Biden administration the go-ahead to rescind a Trump-era "Remain in Mexico" immigration policy requiring asylum-seekers at the southwest U.S. border to wait in Mexico for their asylum hearings.

Marcos sworn in as Philippine president: 'You, the people, have spoken'

Ferdinand Marcos Jr. was sworn in as the 17th president of the Philippines June 30, succeeding Rodrigo Duterte.

Amid war, reconciliation among Christians can foster peace, pope says

Meeting with a delegation from the Orthodox Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople June 30, the pope said that as war continues to rage in Ukraine, it is a time not for "talking and discussing, but for weeping, for helping others and for experiencing conversion ourselves."

German leaders see crisis as Catholics resign from the church

For the first time in the history of Germany, less than half the German population registered as members of one of the two large churches: Catholic and Protestant.

The abortion question may be decided politically. The real test is a moral one.

Phyllis Zagano: The controversy will not end soon, but if the bishops address "invincible ignorance," there may be fewer Catholic politicians supporting laws allowing abortion.