Dress Code

This is the information for the 2021-2022 Dress Code.


While a student is dressed in the school uniform, we expect their conduct and language to be in keeping with the standards of the school.  This means in the neighborhood and on the busses coming to school and going home, students are expected to live up to the good name that St. Richard School has justly established in it’s more than 50 years of excellent education.

The St. Richard student is to be neatly attired at all times.  No ripped clothing should be worn to school.


Shirts:  Button down or Polo Shirts (short or long sleeved); turtlenecks may also be worn – WHITE, LIGHT BLUE, YELLOW, OR NAVY.  Blouses/shirts MUST be buttoned and tucked in.  Shirts must have collars.  Plain white T-shirts, no colors (tucked in) may be worn under the shirt for warmth

Sweaters/Sweatshirts: Solid navy blue or white sweaters or vests may be worn.  Only St. Richard School hoodies/sweatshirts may be worn with a collared uniform shirt or turtleneck underneath.

Slacks:  K-4 Basic Twill or Corduroy dress slacks.  Navy only.  No jeans.

      5-6 Basic Twill or Corduroy dress slacks.  Navy or Khaki-- No jeans.

Navy is dark blue, not faded or light blue.  Dress jeans and tight fitting knit slacks are not permitted!  Slacks must be straight-leg only.  (NO hip-huggers, bell-bottoms, etc.)  Slacks must fit properly, especially around the waist and be of appropriate length i.e. to the ankle but not touching the floor.  NO Cargo pants or shorts.

Socks:  Tights, knee high or ankle height socks that cover the ankle at all times – white, navy blue, black or St. Richard School socks.  These must be worn at all times.

Shoes:  Tennis shoes or low-cut dress shoe of leather or leather substitute material.  Shoes MUST be tied at ALL TIMESSandals and shoes without backs ARE NOT ALLOWED (this is a safety rule) ** Heels should not be higher than 1”.

K-8 Students are to wear tennis shoes and socks that cover the ankle with the uniform at all times.


Blue/White Plaid, V-neck, pleated Jumper for Grades K-4 (Available through SCHOOLBELLES) or solid navy jumper.

Blue/White Plaid Skirt for Grades 5 & 6 (available through SCHOOLBELLES)

  • K-4 Navy skorts or skirts
  • 5-6 Navy or Khaki skorts or skirts
  • All jumpers, skirts, and skorts must be knee length.

SHORTS – NAVY (K-4), NAVY or KHAKI (5-8) loose fitting dress shorts may be worn until October 31 and beginning May 1.  Shorts must be knee length.  Students must wear the regulation uniform top with the shorts.  Sandals or open backed shoes are not allowed.  St. Richard T-shirts may be worn when wearing uniform shorts.  NO Cargo pants or shorts.


NOT PERMITTED:  Make-up or nail polish, hats, caps, scarves in the building, tattoos, or body piercing.

Jewelry—Students may wear a watch.  Girls may have one earring per ear that is attractive and appropriate and is flat against the ear lobe.  No dangling earrings and necklaces may be worn during school hours.  This is a safety issue to prevent injury.

Boys may not wear earrings and necklaces.

Consequences to all uniform violations: 

1st violation:  written warning

2nd violation: written warning and $1.00 donation to the missions

3rd violation:  ½ hour detention after school.  

 GYM UNIFORMS:  Students in Kindergarten to Grade 6 will be required to wear a uniform for gym.  This will consist of:

SHIRTS:  A gym uniform T-Shirt or any St. Richard School T-shirt, a Walk-a-Thon T-shirt may also be worn as part of the gym uniform.  

SHORTS AND SLACKSKnee-length Navy blue, gray, or black gym shorts, navy, blue, gray, or black sweatpants may be worn in the colder months.  Leggings may not be worn for gym.

TENNIS SHOES and SOCKS that cover the ankle at all times.

All students are to wear their approved gym uniform all day on gym days. 

HAIR POLICY **Boys and Girls**

Hair must be well-groomed, neat and clean.  NO hair coloring or excessive highlighting.  No bandanas or scarves.  No extreme styles.

Bangs must be above the eyebrows.  Other hairstyles must not obstruct or interfere with vision.

Boys:             Hair length must be above the collar.

Girls:             Hair accessories may not cause distraction in the classroom.


Birthdays and Dress Up days are special days.  On these days students need not wear their uniforms.  Students are permitted to wear clothing of their choice on their birthday or half birthday if they have a summer birthday.  All clothing must be school appropriate (no tank tops, open midriffs, short shorts, inappropriate written messages or pictures).  Athletic shoes may be worn with socks.  NO JEANS may be worn.


On these days students are not required to wear uniforms.  They may wear jeans or other neat, casual pants and an appropriate shirt.  (No tank tops, open midriffs, short shorts, inappropriate written messages or pictures).  Athletic shoes may be worn with socks