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Catholic New York's Schiller receives CPA's St. Francis de Sales Award

Quebec City, Canada

St. Francis de Sales Award: Matt Schiller, the outgoing CPA president, has been nominated three times for the award. 

Brooklyn Diocese announces abuse compensation program

Brooklyn, N.Y.

Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio calls the program, modeled after the New York Archdiocese's, "a concrete expression of our contrition and our desire to make amends" to sex abuse victims.

After 50 years, the Palestinian issue is still on a slow burn

NCR Today

NCR Today: June 6, 2017, marked an ignominious anniversary, the 50th anniversary of the Six-Day War and the subsequent 50-year Israeli military occupation of the Palestinian territories.

Links for 06/23/17

Distinctly Catholic

Asking Rich Lowry for advice about the Democratic Party is a little like asking a vegetarian whether you should go with the veal chop or the ribeye. But, in this essay at Politico, he makes some good points about how the cultural signals Democrats send are all wrong if they want to compete in places like Georgia's 6th congressional district.

NCR Podcast: Web of Life and The Field Hospital

NCR in Conversation

In Conversation: GSR contributor Tracy Barnett on the Web of Life eco-spiritual retreat and NCR's Peter Feuerherd and Dan Morris-Young on the Field Hospital series.

Papal abuse commission member suggests changes to group expected in fall

NCR Today Rome

Rome: The composition of the advisory body may change at some point this fall, as the original three-year terms granted to individuals in the group expire.

Editorial: Empty gestures won't fix health care

We say: If Congress truly wanted to become a body that talks and listens, right now at this time, there is no better issue to open for discussion than health care reform.

U.K. pharmacy regulator abandons proposal to strip conscience protections

Manchester, England

Britain's pharmacy regulator has declared that Catholic pharmacists should not be forced to dispense lethal drugs against their consciences.

Appointment not about career, but service, cardinal-designate says

Vatican City

Cardinal-designate Juan Jose Omella of Barcelona, Spain, said his appointment isn't a job promotion but a call to be more like Jesus, who came to serve the poor and marginalized.

Islamic State followers said to desecrate Catholic chapel in Mindanao

Cotabato, Philippines

About 300 gunmen of the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters, known as BIFF, attacked the Pigcawayan village of Malagakit, resulting in the displacement of hundreds of residents.