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Welcome Christ present in migrants and refugees, pope urges

Even if Christians struggle to recognize him with his "torn clothes (and) dirty feet," Jesus is present in the migrants and refugees who seek safety and a dignified life in a new land, Pope Francis said.

French police investigate sexual assault claim against Vatican nuncio

Italian Archbishop Luigi Ventura, 74, a Vatican diplomat who once served in Canada, Chile and western Africa, is under investigation by police in Paris for allegedly sexually assaulting a city official.

Virginia's two dioceses release lists of clergy credibly accused of abuse

Virginia's two Catholic bishops, Arlington Bishop Michael Burbidge and Richmond Bishop Barry Knestout, released lists Feb. 13 of the clergy credibly accused of child sex abuse in their respective dioceses.

Copy Desk Daily, Feb. 15, 2019

NCR Today: Copy Desk Daily provides insight on recommended news and opinion articles that have crossed our desks on their way to National Catholic Reporter and Global Sisters Report — to you.

Under Jeanne Atkinson, CLINIC has ramped up efforts to help immigrants

During a challenging time for immigrant advocates in the U.S., they have found resources for collaboration thanks to initiatives of Catholic Legal Immigration Network's outgoing executive director, admirers say.

We do not need another businessman in the White House, Mr. Schultz

Distinctly Catholic: Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz has been making public appearances lately, telling his success story and complaining about the government's lack of a similar one.

The Catholic Church's euphemization of power

Commentary: Euphemization has enabled the hierarchy to mask the double truths — celibacy/sexual activity and priestly service/power — that have sustained its consecrated status for many generations of Catholics.

Your thoughts on McCarrick as NCR Newsmaker of the Year

Your thoughts: Just before Christmas, NCR published an editorial announcing former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick as our publication's choice for Newsmaker of the Year. Many NCR readers wrote letters to the editor in reaction to our pick. 

Pope's quotes: Do not point the finger

Pope's quotes: "It is not enough to point the finger or attack those who do not think like is. That is a wretched tactic in today's political and cultural wars, but it cannot be the method of the Church."

Derivative dystopia: 'Alita' needed better characters for its visual spectacle

Movie Review: "Alita: Battle Angel" is derivative and desperate to entertain. It reminded me of other sci-fi films with better told stories.