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Editorial: Who watches the shepherds who watch over the sheep? Us.

We say: The continued awareness of law enforcement and journalism, as well as the vigilance of the laity, is the best guarantee we have that this scourge of sex abuse and cover-up may finally be lifted.

California dioceses ask Catholics to urge lawmakers reject confession bill

Using social media, preaching, newspaper columns and letters read at Mass, the Los Angeles Archdiocese and California's other Catholic dioceses planned a special push over the June 15-16 weekend asking Catholics to urge their representatives in the state Assembly to reject a confession bill.

Synod document raises possibility of married priests, roles for women

The Catholic Church must find ways to reach indigenous Catholics deprived of the sacraments in the most remote areas of the Amazon rainforest, and that may include ordaining married elders, said the working document for the Synod of Bishops on the Amazon.

Copy Desk Daily, June 17, 2019

NCR Today: The Copy Desk Daily highlights recommended news and opinion articles that have crossed the copy editors' desks on their way to you.

Bicycles breeze through US as cyclist numbers rise, bike lanes expand

In case you weren't keeping up with realities that matter, or were stressed dealing with ones that don't, May was National Bike Month. It's notable that we have no National SUV Month. Only bicycles get their due.

At colloquium, Hispanic scholars engage theology's real-world implications

With a conference format that fosters conversation and community, the Academy of Catholic Hispanic Theologians, or ACHTUS, "models a different kind of way of being an academic."

For Trump, it's all about posture, not policy

We have a president who routinely, and almost daily, defines deviancy down, making normal or even acceptable what once did and still should provoke horror.

The church is immersed in the world

Daily Easter Reflections: Gaudium et Spes, one of the most significant documents coming out of the Second Vatican Council (1962-65), was conceived during the lively interactions that occurred among the council participants. 

Now Is the Acceptable Time

Pencil Preaching for Monday, June 17, 2019

Trinity Sunday: The mystery of love

Daily Easter Reflections: It was a balmy Trinity Sunday and the door of the old neighborhood church was open. Four of us were taking a shortcut through the back streets of Bologna, rushing to get to a nearby tourist attraction. We heard the opening hymn and looked at each other, uncertain of what came next.