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What would Jesus drive?

Now, I fancy myself a pretty calm gal. But I dare anyone to drive two-hours-plus, each way, in gnarly urban traffic and stay completely One With Rama. I started out each day with the best intentions and love for my fellow man. But, dang!

Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time: God in the flesh

Scripture for Life: Jesus' last words in today's Gospel offer the invitation to live forever. It's as though after five weeks of pondering the mystery of Jesus the bread of life, we are still not adequately prepared to come to a conclusion. 

Ireland enthusiastic for World Meeting of Families despite misgivings about abuse scandals

Despite Irish Catholics' many misgivings about the sexual abuse scandals in the church and the treatment of women and LGBT people, there is much enthusiasm for the ninth World Meeting of Families, scheduled to take place Aug. 21-26 in Dublin.

Theologians, lay leaders call for mass resignations of US bishops

More than 140 theologians, educators and lay leaders have called for all U.S. bishops to submit their resignations to Pope Francis, much like Chile's 34 bishops did in May after revelations of sexual abuse and corruption, as a public act of penance and a "willing abdication of earthly status."

Past review board members greet call for abuse investigation with cautious praise

The U.S. bishops' call for an apostolic visitation and lay-involved investigations into abuse and cover-ups was called a "good start," but at least one former National Review Board member called it "too little, too late."

Muslim women poised to change the next Congress

One is a Somali immigrant who came to the U.S. at age 12, knowing no English. The other is the eldest daughter of Palestinian immigrants who worked her way through college and law school. Both have a strong chance of serving in the 116th U.S. Congress.

San Diego bishop responds to survivor advocate letter that alleged abuse by McCarrick

San Diego Bishop Robert McElroy has responded to a letter he received two years ago from the late clergy abuse survivor advocate Richard Sipe, in which the psychotherapist had listed about a dozen priests and bishops he said had abused children.

Editorial: The body of Christ must reclaim our church

Now more than ever, the laity need to speak with a united voice. We must turn our anger into resolve. We must insist on full lay participation in all efforts at reform. We must demand that bishops claim their true vocations as servants to the people of God. 

Catholics and lawmakers respond to sex abuse report with dismay, plans for change

Two days after Pennsylvania officials unveiled  a report detailing accusations that Catholic priests had sexually abused more than 1,000 children since the 1940s and that church officials shielded the abusers, Catholics are expressing dismay.

Morning Briefing

NCR Today: The Vatican says acts documented in the Pennsylvania grand jury report are "criminal and morally reprehensible." Will the U.S. church get an apostolic visitation? San Diego bishop responds to questions about letter he received. Sisters in South Sudan keep the church grounded.