Worship Commission

The most important ministry, as each of us ministers to each other. We do this through our prayers, singing, hospitality, & communicating. By virtue of your Baptism, you are automatically enrolled in this ministry. How about becoming a more active member through your participation in all the parts of the Liturgy that belong to you.

People who have a desire and ability to proclaim the Word of God each week. A good clear speaking voice as well as an understanding of the Scriptures is important. 

Eucharistic Ministers
People who have a deep love of the Eucharist and are specially commissioned to distribute Communion at the weekend liturgies. Diocesan guidelines state that you must be in your 16th year. If interested contact Sr. M. Valerie Schneider SND or Deacon Jerry Ziemkiewicz. 

Adults and students in Grade 4 through High School serve in this ministry at present.  Their principal function is to assist the priest during the liturgy, as well as lead the processions.

Ministers of Hospitality. (Greeters/Ushers)
These include the Greeters who help us feel welcome as we first enter the church, making sure that we also have what we need to better participate in our liturgies and help take up the collection during the liturgy. 

These specially trained singers help lead the sung prayer during Mass. Their primary role is to proclaim the Responsorial Psalm of the Liturgy, as well as the Gospel Acclamation, the Communion Song verses, any other Litanies there may be, and be a support to the singing. If interested contact Sr. M. Valerie Schneider SND

Mixed Choir
A Choral group who generally sings at the 10:30am Sunday Liturgy and aids the Assembly in two ways: help to lead and enhance the Assembly’s singing; provide meditative music at certain times in the Liturgy. Rehearsals are on Wednesday evenings at 7:30-9:00 pm throughout the year. If interested call Sr. M. Valerie Schneider, SND.

Funeral Choir  
The choir consists of both men and women who are available during the day, mostly in the morning, and offers song support to the families and friends during the funerals here. Rehearsals are usually an hour before the funerals when possible.

Instrumentalists of any kind (Flute, Trumpet, Strings, etc.) any age (beginners through experienced adults) are always welcome to enhance the music of our liturgies. Please list what instrument you can play and for how long you have been playing it. Contact Sr. M. Valerie Schneider SND

Liturgy Committee
People who oversee all the areas of our weekend liturgies. We offer training and support for the different ministries, and make sure that the liturgies are the best they can be for all who attend them.

Art & Environment
Looking after the total environment of the church as it pertains to the Liturgy. Directives flow from the work of the Liturgy Committee. If wanting to get involved contact Sr. M. Valerie Schneider SND

Mass Coordinator
Ensures that everything needed is ready for each liturgical celebration.

Gift Bearers
People to bring the gifts of bread, wine and money to the altar at the Offertory of each Mass. 

Sewing and Repairing
Garments and linens are always in need of mending.

Church Laundry
Ability to clean the garments or linens in your home to keep them looking fresh.

Church Cleaning
Cleaning of the interior of the church is held several times throughout the year on Saturdays from 9-11 a.m. Watch the bulletin for specific dates and come join us - many hands make light work.



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