Advisory Groups

All members of the advisory boards are by appointment only. If you are interested in being on any of these boards, please contact the parish office. (826-2791)

Pastoral Council

Sandy Lunn - Chair
Laurie Buckenmeyer - Secretary
Pete Thomas
Kathy Gwinn
Larry Durholt
Dan Karamol
Mike Hallett
Joan Hallett
Allison Luce

Deacon Jerry Ziemkiewicz - Pastoral Leader
Sr. Jean Marie Walczak - Principal

Finance Council

Jeff Koder –Chair
Pam McMillin – Secretary
Mark Chovanec
Michael Lust
Joyce Warner
Gary Michaliewicz

Ex-Officio: Deacon Jerry Ziemkiewicz - Pastoral Leader
                   Sr. Jean Marie Walczak SND – Principal
                   Jeff Urban - School Advisory Board Chair